Are You Ready to Guac?

At We Guac®️, we are always ready to Guac! We have created an incredible line of guacamole products utilizing Mexican Hass Avocados due to their creamy texture and flavor. We Guac®️ will make any meal or occasion one that Guacs!

From Farm To Market

At We Guac®️, we grow and carefully select our Mexican Hass Avocados so that their flavor and consistency are always top of the line!

Authentic Guacamole

At We Guac®, we only use the finest avocados for our guacamole! You can taste the difference!

Ready To Serve

There’s no need to have good cooking skills with We Guac®. Our guacamole is ready to serve at any meal or occasion. Skip the hassle of perfecting your own guacamole and choose We Guac®. It’s like having table side guacamole made right in your home!

2oz Mini Tray

Original | Mild | Spicy

8oz Bowl

Original | Mild | Spicy

12oz Bowl

Original | Mild | Spicy

16oz Round Tray

Original | Mild | Spicy

2oz (6ct) Mini Box

Original | Mild | Spicy

16oz Resealable Bag

Original | Mild

Learn Something New

Take a look at our collection of easy-to-do recipes. They are simple to put together and even better to serve and enjoy!