Our Products

Take a look at our impressive catalogue of guacamole made from Mexican Hass avocados. We have many different styles of guacamole including an organic option. Choose one or choose them all! If you love guac, you will love We Guac!

2oz Mini Tray

Original | Mild | Spicy

8oz Bowl

Original | Mild | Spicy

16oz Round Tray

Original | Mild | Spicy

2oz (6ct) Mini Box

Original | Mild | Spicy

16oz REsealable Bag

Original | Mild

Fresh Chunky Guacamole


Made With

Mexican Hass Avocado

Fresh White Onion

IQF Cilantro

Fresh Serrano Peppers

Jalapeno Puree


Lime Juice Concentrate

Ascorbic Acid

Garlic Puree

Our Favorite Recipes


Avacado Toast

Delicious Weloveguac onto well-toasted bread is one of our favorite quick meals. It’s so delicious, We would call it one of life’s simplest pleasures.

Want to make it yourself, or any of our other great recipes?